ARTOC Innovate

Today technology is the main focus of ARTOC. Around the world we search for and invest in great technological innovation as well as advantageous creativity in services and business models which often creates a new market and value where none existed before. Disruptive Innovation is at the heart of ARTOC’s future as we search out and invest in new technology as well as new business models which are changing almost every aspect of our lives from the way we buy goods to the services we expect and the way we communicate with each other. Some of the biggest businesses and most exciting products we know today did not exist a decade ago. With our finger on the pulse of change and our deep experience of business ARTOC itself is set to be an investment leader in tomorrow’s technology.

Disruptive innovation was a term coined by Harvard academic, Clayton Christen, and has been described as the most important business idea of the 21st Century by The Economist.

Disruptive business models disrupt an existing market, displacing established market-leading firms, products, and alliances. ARTOC seeks out these opportunities investing capital and bringing in-depth understanding of how to build long term scalable businesses. At ARTOC we back people as well as ideas. ARTOC understands innovations tend to be produced by outsiders and entrepreneurs in start-ups, rather than existing market-leading companies. The business environment of market leaders often does not allow emerging startups to pursue disruptive innovations when they first arise, because they are not able nor profitable enough initially and because their development can take scarce resources away from developing innovations.

A disruptive process can take longer to develop than by the conventional approach and the risk associated with it is higher than the other more incremental or evolutionary forms of innovation, but once it is deployed in the market, it achieves a much faster penetration and higher degree of impact on the established markets. This is where ARTOC at various stages of growth can play a critical road towards success.

ARTOC with nearly 50 years of experience has often been ahead of the market and thrives on leading from the front. Some of the biggest businesses today didn’t exist just a few years ago and cater for a market that didn’t exist either. For example electric vehicles were at best a fringe industry a few years ago but today Tesla is a huge business and electric cars are no longer a quirky curiosity. A decade ago no one had ever thought of providing taxi services as a global business but technology combined with a whole new business model has made Uber a global giant. ARTOC is constantly searching for the niche solutions or new markets that will be the industry giants of the next decade and beyond.