Our Future

Disruptive Innovation is at the heart of ARTOC’s future


As we enter 2020 ARTOC is set to take on the world as it always has. This time focusing on technology and innovation. At the same time we are passionate about the potential in our region and in our young people globally who will build the world for the next generation. We will continue to support economic development in the region. Disruptive Innovation is at the heart of ARTOC’s future as we identify, research, analyse, support and invest in new technology as well as new business models which are changing almost every aspect of our lives from the way we buy goods to the services we expect and the way we communicate with each other. Some of the biggest businesses and most exciting products we know today did not exist a decade ago. With our finger on the pulse of change and our deep experience of business, ARTOC is set to be a key player in the new world.


Since its establishment in 1971 and during its growth, ARTOC shareholders kept their eyes focused on all its stakeholders and beyond, to the communities it engaged with and operated in.

In Egypt, Czech Republic and USA, ARTOC’s extensive CSR took place. In Egypt, ARTOC spent LE 250 million on health, education, micro loans, sports programs, emergency food programs and combatting human trafficking.

In the US, ARTOC supported medical research for children with epilepsy and cerebral palsy, provided scholarships and supported its East-West: the Art of Dialogue initiative. The East-West: the Art of Dialogue initiative was launched in 2012 to bring together emerging young leaders from Egypt and the US together in an intensive and highly successful exchange program which is followed by joint projects which are partly funded by ARTOC. Since 2012 there are now 122 Fellows in the program from the Egypt, USA, UK and Lebanon.